• Criminogenic Features of Apartment Complexes: Preliminary Findings

      Payne, Troy C.; Scherer, Heidi L.; Eck, John E. (Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, 2011-07-19)
      This study used epidemiological methods to compare high crime apartment complexes to low crime apartment complexes along multiple dimensions, including management practices and the immediate spatial context of the complexes.
    • Does Changing Ownership Change Crime? An Analysis of Apartment Ownership and Crime in Cincinnati

      Payne, Troy C. (Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, 2010-11-19)
      This Powerpoint slide presentation examines the question of changes in level of crime when ownership of an apartment building changes. Examination of data from Cincinnati, Ohio, shows that ownership change, size of apartment complex, and past crime all have some effect on crime counts. In particular, when the apartments that are sold are high-crime apartments, change in ownership tends to worsen the crime problem.
    • Section 8 Housing & Crime: Screwed or Skewed?

      Gallagher, Kathleen; Payne, Troy C.; Eck, John E.; Frank, James (School of Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati, 2010-11-18)
      This poster presentation examines the claim that Section 8 tenants in a small midwestern city in Ohio are consuming too many police resources. Based on previous research regarding public housing projects and perceptions of public housing and crime, the city has become concerned that the level of police services that are dedicated to residents with housing vouchers is in excess of the average residential tenant.
    • 'Stand Your Ground': History and Effects

      Payne, Troy C. (Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, 2013-11-07)
      This slide presentation discusses Stand Your Ground laws in other states and available research on the impact of these laws. The presentation was presented as part of a community forum at Clark Middle School in Anchorage on "Stand Your Ground Law in Alaska" sponsored by the Anchorage Community Police Relations Task Force and the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission.