• Youth Violence Study, Anchorage, AK: Youth Violence Progress Report

      Rosay, André B.; Chamard, Sharon (Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, 2005-03-16)
      This slide presentation describes youth violence in Anchorage by providing initial comparisons between current Anchorage conditions and conditions of the past five to ten years, as well as initial comparisons between Anchorage and the rest of the U.S. Data shows that youth violence in Anchorage is not a serious problem, is at levels similar to or lower than national rates of youth violence, and is declining in Anchorage as it is nationally. Youth violence is also not perceived to be a serious problem in Anchorage, according to a public survey of Anchorage residents. Nonetheless, efforts to reduced and prevent youth violence in Anchorage are necessary; this progress report identifies some successful programs, and suggests how to develop policies to reduce levels of youth violence in Anchorage.