Recent Submissions

  • What Turtle Blood Tastes Like

    Lamb, Jonas (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2018-12)
    What Turtle Blood Tastes Like explores acts of initiation and the packs we run with: wild boys, family, animal companions. Turtle blood acts as an elixir, opening doors to the muck of childhood, that coursing of heat and blood felt in the ears while walking the edge of right and wrong. In these poems fatherhood and home ownership are impending disasters that complicate the domestic landscape. Origin stories emerge unexpectedly from gardens, in bites of pickled whitefish and the gold foil of butterscotch candy. What routes have led us here, from what seeds have we grown? The critical essay, “Subverting Sentimentality in the Poetry of Parenthood,” scrutinizes elements of craft in contemporary American poetry that unpack tropes and reveal the overlooked undercurrents of parenting.
  • Let’s begin at the end: How a campus bookstore closure set the wheels in motion for a hybrid OER project

    Lamb, Jonas (University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing Services, 2018-07-25)
    This chapter discusses the efforts and lessons learned from a grassroots, affordable content initiative that took shape following the closure of the brick and mortar campus bookstore. The UAS Alt-Textbook Project can serve as a model for how campus affordable content initiatives can be put in motion with minimal funding by utilizing existing campus resources, the expertise and advocacy of key faculty and administrative champions. Efforts at UAS have impacted faculty teaching methodologies, contributed to significant student savings and provided a platform for open education advocates on campus. The chapter closes by discussing next steps required to formalize, mobilize and better measure the impacts of the project.
  • The Digital Public Library of America and Academic Libraries: How the DPLA Advances Teaching, Learning, and Research

    Lamb, Jonas; Paulus, Michael J; Yarmey, Kristen; Shaughnessy, Kathryn; Gore, Emily (ACRL 2015 Conference, 2015-03-26)
    A timeline detailing some of the more significant events in DPLA history.