• A Collection of masses or: weaving a world recalled (a collage of things once seen)

      Bartsch, Max Dymond; Mollett, David; Duffy, Annie; Jones, Zoë Marie (2019-04)
      “A Collection of Masses” serves as an introspective look at the visual inspiration and synthesis of a creative childhood, lifestyle, and culture. The writing serves as a personal history, detailing significant artists and works and the ways they served as influences. I was born into a family of artists. I grew up watching my mother paint and lived in a domestic space with art studio pockets throughout it. In our household we always made things and I find my working method most absorbed in that act of creativity and process. My masters thesis body of work revolves around system relationships drawing forms from a variety of systems; the human organ systems, crowd dynamics, and the systems with which artists create their work. It synthesizes ideas begun by artistic influences, and embraces artistic experimentation and creativity.