• To freeze or not to freeze: that is the question: a look at freezeback landfills and final cover designs

      Durand, Sarah; Perkins, Robert; Aggarwal, Srijan; Barnes, David (2019-12)
      Freezeback landfills are an exciting concept but challenging in execution. There is not a single variable that leads to the success of a freezeback landfills but multiple variables in balance with each other that allow for freezeback to occur. Freezeback landfills should be engineered to the site-specific environment at the initial design stage for a better chance of success rather than following the generalized regulatory requirements. This project looked at three freezeback landfills as case studies and evaluated the final cover design of the first two in identifying parameters that lead to success in reaching and maintaining freezeback status. The parameters and research on permafrost are then applied to the third case study in a series of recommendations for consideration when designing a final cover strategy.