• A historical review of forensic science in law enforcement: implications for the enhancements of forensic science within the State of Alaska

      Pomeroy, Shasta (2017)
      According to the 2015 census records presented on the State of Alaska website, Alaska has a population of 737,625 residents. The state of Alaska spans 586,412 square miles (State of Alaska, 2016, 1). With such a vast state, the need for enough law enforcement services is exceedingly important. The Alaskan 2013 Uniform Crime Report (UCR) asserts that there are 1,331 law enforcement officers within the state. Alaskan law enforcement officers have to conduct crime scene evidence collection and analysis along with other necessary tasks such as securing the crime scene, detaining suspects, and rendering aid to victims. With only the Alaska State Troopers, local law enforcement agencies, and the Alaska State Crime Laboratory in the state of Alaska assessing crime scenes, it is the purpose of this research to document the need for more on-scene forensic science services in Alaska. This research will conclude with the proposal of implementation of dedicated on-scene forensic services provided by non-sworn on-scene technicians within the current Alaskan law enforcement structure. This program will allow for a natural expansion of forensic science services in Alaska.