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dc.contributor.authorBrown, Alexandra
dc.contributor.authorStangeland, Meghan
dc.contributor.authorSleppy, Karissa
dc.contributor.authorWall, Emily
dc.contributor.authorMaier, Kevin
dc.contributor.authorLandis, Rod
dc.contributor.authorDalthorp, Pedar
dc.contributor.authorChordas, Nina
dc.contributor.authorNeely, Sol
dc.contributor.authorMinton, Sara
dc.contributor.authorWedler, Annie
dc.contributor.authorLaster, Kate
dc.contributor.authorBerg, Virginia
dc.contributor.authorSpielberger, Katie
dc.contributor.authorLane, Ashia
dc.descriptionProof copy provided by Tidal Echoes.en_US
dc.description.abstractTidal Echoes presents an annual showcase of writers and artists who share one thing in common: a life surrounded by the rainforests and waterways of Southeast Alaska.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsEditor’s Note -- Acknowledgements -- “Just Throw Some Wood on me and Watch me Burn” -- “A Quiet Fire” -- Delivery -- When an Old Woman Dies… -- Primal Memories -- Woman-with-Words -- Yéil Tundatáani, Raven Thinking -- Tundatáan yák’w, Little Faces of Thought -- Dorothy’s Day -- Questions -- Tribute -- A List of Demands -- Bad Poetry -- The Serpent -- Reflections -- Leaving the outside -- The North -- Written in the Week Following a Funeral I Attended -- Capital Transit -- How to be Loved -- El Camino -- Changing Stations -- Upper-Crossing Guard Station -- Beneath Her Whiskey Breath -- The Mingling of Words: An Interview with Richard Dauenhauer -- Sugar Blues -- Sparrow Hills -- Erotic Epigrams -- Sappho: A Constellation of Fragments and Poems -- Wednesday Night -- Talk Bold to Me -- MY HEART, IN SUBWAY STATIONS -- HOW TO TELL IF A KOREAN WOMAN LOVES YOU -- PROFILE -- LIKE ANY AMERICAN MEAL -- In Search of Grandfather Clam -- Lineage -- Hope, Renewal and Herring -- Kilns, Americana, and Clay: An Interview with Jeremy Kane -- Lamb Juice Couscous -- Border Dance -- My Hands -- Finding Frank Italio -- First Flight in 1903 -- A Smell is Implied -- Bare Tales -- The Last Ivory-Billed Woodpecker -- WATCHING THE DEER -- PETERSBURG, 1974 -- A SIMPLE BEACH OF THE LAST FRONTIER -- A Palette Made from Birch -- Moving Forward -- Communion -- Becoming -- Wild Cucumber -- Genesis -- Learning Cursive: Second Grade Penmanship Lesson -- In the time before words -- Anything I can put ketchup on -- Bread Dough Memory -- Double Sestina: Elmer’s Glue Dragons -- Barbies -- His Bunk -- Poetic Memoir -- [They’re Walking Children Through…] -- How to Kill an Enemy -- Fast Ferry -- Fixer Upper | Ernest Gruening Cabin -- Two Ravens -- The Party -- Broken Heart -- Timemachinist Mark IX | Bladeous Maximus -- Aqua Ghost | Dusk -- Field in Film -- Lilac 1 -- Bling Dynasty Detail | Hot Coffee Cups | Tip Jar -- American History | Country Style | I Love Juneau -- Kentucky Fried Ceramics | Bar Story Jugs -- Diner Mugs | TCB Drink Set -- USA Ice Cream Bowls | Vintage Mustache Mugs -- Crow Jar -- Chilkat Dancer and Button Blanket Dancer -- Remembrance -- Cliffs and Baby Crow -- Sockeye Supper -- Mother’s Warmth -- Mendenhall Fireweed -- A Pause Beneath the Devil’s Club -- Fungi Fingers | Out on a Limb -- Gastineau Channel Sunrise -- Evergreen -- I’m Gone -- Night Comes Early (Eaglecrest) -- Douglas Harbour -- Pussy Willows | Fireweed Tower | Rain Drops on Lupine Leaves -- Writer and Artist Biographiesen_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Alaska Southeasten_US
dc.subjectResearch Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::Aesthetic subjects::Literatureen_US
dc.titleTidal Echoes 2013en_US
dc.title.alternativeTidal Echoesen_US
dc.title.alternativeUAS Literary & Arts Journalen_US

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  • Tidal Echoes
    Tidal Echoes is a literary and art journal that showcases the art and writing of Southeast Alaskans.

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