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dc.contributor.authorSalsman, Rebecca
dc.contributor.authorCherry, Alexa
dc.contributor.authorWall, Emily
dc.contributor.authorNeely, Sol
dc.contributor.authorWade, John
dc.contributor.authorElliot, William
dc.contributor.authorDewees, Andrea
dc.contributor.authorTrafton, Math
dc.contributor.authorLandis, Rod
dc.contributor.authorHuff, Ben
dc.contributor.authorWedler, Anne
dc.contributor.authorZacher, Liz
dc.descriptionProof copy provided by Tidal Echoes.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe 2015 edition of Tidal Echoes presents an annual showcase of writers and artists who share one thing in common: a life surrounded by the rainforests and waterways of Southeast Alaska.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsDedication -- Editor’s Note -- Mid-Air -- Acknowledgements -- Salmon (Gohan Desu Yo/It’s Dinner Time) -- Xwaayeenák Richard Dauenhauer -- Loon -- Burney Falls -- Richard Dauenhauer -- Egg Carton Fox -- August Afternoon at Helle’s Pool, Vancouver, Washington -- Oak Run -- Buddy Tabor teaches me to filet a halibut -- Icelander -- Home -- Season’s End -- Young Me, Old Me -- The Window Seat -- Wind -- UAS Student Back Study -- Paintbrush Conversations -- Grey River Soulshine -- Across the Universe -- Aurora-Skaters’ Cabin 1 -- Whiskey and Autumn -- Leaf Wolf -- Spring Cleaning the Perennials -- Ode to a Rose -- Final Point -- After Spring Recital -- Olympic Ceiling -- Rodda-Hard going (too little snow) -- Birch Bark Calligraphy No. 2 -- Fishtailing -- Working the Corks -- Modern Alaskan Storyteller: An Interview with Ishmael Hope -- Bailer at the Back of the Boat (Excerpt) -- Close Up -- Bothering the Dauenhauers -- In Memory of Andrew Hope III -- Wolf Brimhat -- I Am From -- Crossing -- Revelations and Realizations -- The Shrinking Girl -- Untitled (Andi in Niki’s Room) -- Afternoon Reading, Rainy Room -- My Grandmother’s House in Metlakatla -- Deacon Charles Rohrbacher, Icon of St. Nicholas -- Honoring Tibet -- Fumi Matsumoto: Finding Art in Culture -- Pathway of Thorns -- Minidoka Interlude -- Mountain Dew Parrots -- Watch Out for Falling Objects -- Loose Change -- An Unkind Demise -- A Place That Holds Names -- Immortality (skull side) -- Opening Again the Box of Wisdom -- Iff’n I Go -- Colorless Blues -- The Heartsdance -- King of Dreams -- Hungering -- Colonialism -- Inside Out -- Rachel Day -- Lying Here -- Note to Wife -- Death -- Round the Clock -- Untitled (trap) -- Seeds of Racism -- Auschwitz Remembrance -- Moab 1 -- Pearl of the Orient -- Moab 3 -- Scars -- Transporting -- In Eliason Harbor -- Poet Passes: Leaves Words Behind -- Tough Guy -- Wolf Helmet -- Biographiesen_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Alaska Southeasten_US
dc.subjectResearch Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::Aesthetic subjects::Literatureen_US
dc.titleTidal Echoes 2015en_US
dc.title.alternativeTidal Echoesen_US
dc.title.alternativeUAS Literary & Arts Journalen_US

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  • Tidal Echoes
    Tidal Echoes is a literary and art journal that showcases the art and writing of Southeast Alaskans.

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