• Arctic entry: Kuskokwim River photogravures

      Bailey, Alice; Mason, Charles; Guthrie, Mareca; Mehner, Da-kakeen; Mollett, David (2014-05)
    • Nome as place

      Enriquez, Alyssa Marie (2016-12)
      Inspired by finding a sense of place within the Circumpolar North this project examines this artist’s personal connection to Nome, Alaska with a contemporary photographic approach utilizing the historical Platinum Palladium photographic process. The use of the Platinum Palladium process explores the artist’s connection to place, the idea of landscape, cultural iconography, and connects it to historic trends in the field of photography.
    • Watching you go: exploring subjective documentary methods in contemporary photography

      Quimby, Ellamarie; Mason, Charles W.; Lazarus, Joshua J.; Jones, Zoe M.; Mehner, Da-ka-xeen (2017-05)
      This work examines the history and contemporary context of photojournalism and documentary photography through narrative imagery of the artist's mother and family. By adapting traditional documentary practices and exploring more subjective methodologies, Watching you go addresses the artist's physical and emotional limitations while experiencing her mother's terminal illness.