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  • Dynamic Geology of the Northern Cordillera (Alaska and Western Canada) and Adjacent Marine Areas: Tectonics, Hazards, and Resources

    Bundtzen, Thomas K.; Nokleberg, Warren J.; Price, Raymond A.; Scholl, David W.; Stone, David B.; Nokleberg, Warren J. (2017-11)
    The main objective of E-Book is to clearly describe, explain, and illustrate the nature, origin, and geological evolution of the amazing mountain system that extends through the Northern Cordillera (Alaska and Western Canada) and the intriguing geology of adjacent marine areas. Other objectives are to describe geological hazards (i.e., volcanic, seismic and slope stability hazards) and geological resources (i.e., mineral and fossil fuel), and to describe the scientific, economic, and social significance of the earth for this region. A major aid to understanding the dynamic geology, hazards, and tectonics of the region is learning earth science terms. To enable learning, many terms in the E-Book are in an underlined blue font. These words have Hot Links to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, that provides excellent descriptions and definitions, and sometimes to other Web sites.