Recent Submissions

  • Growing Minds and Strengthening Communities: An Economic Valuation Study of the Anchorage Public Library

    Ralph, Kelsey (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage, 2008-06-01)
    As one of the oldest educational and research institutions in the community, the Anchorage Public Library has been an important resource for enriching the daily lives and empowering the future of the people of Anchorage for many generations. While it has long been recognized that the Anchorage Public Library is an important part of the community, this study is the first to provide an economic valuation for the many benefits offered by APL. This report was commissioned by the Anchorage Public Library to determine the benefits of the library, and where possible, assign a dollar value to those benefits. The report proves that not only is APL still an irreplaceable resource for education and research, it contributes many substantial benefits that are not replicated anywhere else in the community.