• Dubble

      Abrams, David (2004-05)
      Set in Hollywood during the 1940s, "Dubble" is a novel about an adult midget/stuntman who goes to work for enfant terrible child actor Eddie Danger. As Eddie's personal stuntman and bodyguard, David Dubble gets drawn into a sinister plot which includes sex with older women, canine homicide and studio sabotage. Written in the rat-a-tat style of a classic screwball comedy movie but also nodding in the direction of postmodernism, the novel explores the porous boundary between reality and illusion, compounded by the fact that Eddie and Dubble are filming a Western about twin brothers-one good, one bad. With character names like Paige Turner, "Bunny" Torpor and Dubble himself, the reader inevitably enters the text on a symbolic level. My goal is to write not only an entertaining story, but also one which examines the duplicity of public versus private lives in Hollywood