• Community space for decolonization and resistance: Kodiak Alutiiq language club participant perspectives

      Bach, Michael James; Marlow, Patrick E.; Meek, Chandra L. (2014-05)
      Language Club is one of many Language Revitalization initiatives currently being used to reclaim space for Alutiiq, a highly endangered Alaska Native language. Since 2003, Language Club has been a site of learning and sharing for both Alutiiq language learners, and Elders. The study draws upon eight semi-structured interviews, numerous post-data discussions, field notes, and observations in order to understand Language Club participants' spoken and unspoken goals. Data was analyzed using Constructivist Grounded Theory. Themes and subthemes identified include: community, family-like structure, culture and tradition and healing. Using Tribal Critical Race Theory (TribalCrit) to better understand these themes, we find that Language Club functions as carved out space within the broader community where participants are able to engage in decolonization and resist hegemonic domination by the broader community.