• Go artificial intelligence: a scalable evolutionary approach

      Fraser, Warren Duncan; Hay, Brian; Lawlor, Orion; Genetti, Jon (2016-05)
      This report covers scaling neural networks for training Go artificial intelligence. The Go board is broken up into subsections, allowing for each subsection to be calculated independently, and then factored into an overall board evaluation. This modular approach allows for subsection networks to be translated to larger board evaluations, retaining knowledge gained. The methodology covered shows promise for significant reduction in training times required for unsupervised training of Go AI. A brief history of artificial neural networks and an overview of Go and the specific rules that were used in this project are presented. Experiment design and results are presented, showing a promising proof of concept for reducing training time required for evolutionary Go AI. The codebase for the project is Apache 2.0 licensed and is available on GitHub.