• The longest war: overcoming the era of assimilation through education

      Brower, Pearl Kiyawn; Pullar, Gordon; Knecht, Rick; Ducharme, Jo Ann (2010-05)
      "This paper examines various Indigenous Nations and reviews the diverse forms of assimilation through education they have faced through history. Assessments on Indigenous Nations around the world, including Mozambique, Canada, Hawaii, Continental United States, and Alaska are included. As these Nations work to reverse the detrimental effects this has had on their communities, specific methods of revitalization are discussed. Various models which are discussed include community-based education, language immersion programs, culturally relevant curriculum, and the creation of tribal colleges. In addition, included in this document is a survey from one tribal college regarding how it incorporates the Indigenous value system of its region into each of its departments at the institution"--Leaf iii