• Perceptual mismatches in a university English as a second language classroom

      Adams, Kristine A. L. (2012-08)
      This study investigates perceptual mismatches in a university English as a second language classroom. Perceptual Mismatches in the classroom are a failure on the part of teachers and students to understand or interpret something the same way. These mismatches can lead to missed learning opportunities that impede teaching and learning. The purpose of this teacher research was to identify mismatches in a university ESL classroom in the U.S. This course was designed for Chinese degree completion students. Data was collected via questionnaires, interviews, dialogue journals, and observations. The results of this study show a tendency in mismatches between teachers and students dealing with perceptions of teacher centered classrooms and learner centered classrooms, and communicative interactions. These mismatches may occur due to previous learning experiences and expectations. This study also shows there is a tendency towards mismatches between teachers, and there is much room in this field for further studies.