• The moon was for witches

      Malmberg, Chris (2012-05)
      'The Moon was for Witches' examines characters as they respond to their own impulse to turn memory into narrative. One character questions her ability to recount events accurately and wonders if she is more responsible for a tragedy than she has always believed; Another, in the midst of remembering, wonders at the disparity between his past and current feelings concerning a specific event, finding himself unable to decide which feelings are more real. Each of the characters in this collection wants, more than anything, to reconnect with some truth of an experience he or she recalls, but each finds such a connection impossible to make. They doubt even the fidelity of the stories of their cultures, the grand narratives that make self-consciousness possible. In 'The Moon was for Witches, ' memory is a threatening force which people draw upon for answers but receive only questions, from which any gift of understanding is probably an illusion, even as the nostalgia, pain, and revelations are real.