• Influence of Nitrogen Rate, Nitrogen Source, and Phosphorus Rate on Native Bluejoint Crass Yield and Composition on the Lower Kenai Peninsula

      Laughlin, Winston M.; Smith, Glenn R.; Peters, Mary Ann (School of Agriculture and Land Resources Management, Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, 1987-10)
      Properly managed native bluejoint grass [Calamagrostis canadensis (Michx.) Beauv .], the dominant grass on the Kenai Peninsula (Laughlin et al. 1984), is important for supplying supplemental forage for winter feeding of livestock. This 11-year study was undertaken to determine responses of native blue joint to two rates of nitrogen (N) supplied by ammonium nitrate (AN) , urea, and two rates of phosphorus (P) on Kachemak silt loam at two locations on the lower Kenai Peninsula.