• Dramatics in the classroom: activating and enhancing the elementary intermediate level reading curriculum

      Finnell, Sarah K.; Vinlove, Amy; Hornig, Joan; Brink-Hart, Paula (2014-07)
      Elementary classroom teachers have been using drama to teach a variety of subjects since the 1960s. There are a myriad of books on the subject to which educators can turn for ideas to use in their classrooms. Theorists and practitioners have recognized that it is not enough for teachers to simply read about and practice drama in their classrooms; they should be trained in using drama effectively. In the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District teachers are well-equipped and exposed to visual arts lessons. Nearly every school has a music program, but there remains limited training or resources teachers might use to incorporate drama into their curriculum. This project would begin to fill that gap. In this report, I outline the research that justifies the use of drama as a tool to support the reading curriculum in intermediate elementary classrooms. My final project is a set of nine lessons that can be used by any teacher to support reading comprehension skills in intermediate elementary classrooms.
    • Searching for the familiar

      Helmich, Pamela; Siekmann, Sabine; Martelle, Wendy; Thorne, Steven L.; Alexie, Oscar (2016-05)
      This paper describes my implementation of the Language Experience Approach, a method of developing language skills, in my elementary classroom. Through the Language Experience Approach the teacher is able to tap into the rich resources of the students' home lives and start to bring that knowledge into the school. This is done by the students creating a language piece with the help of the teacher that is not only at an appropriate reading level but also is a high interest reading piece because it is comes from the students themselves. This project includes my rationale, lesson plan, and supporting materials.