• Evaluation of Precut Transverse Cracks for an Asphalt Concrete Pavement in Interior Alaska (Moose Creek –Richardson Highway)

      Liu, Jenny; McHattie, Robert; Zhang, Xiong; Netardus, John (2015-08-31)
      Road-width thermal cracks (major transverse cracks) are perhaps the most noticeable form of crack-related damage on AC pavements throughout colder areas of Alaska. The main objective of this study is to recommend design strategies and construction practices aimed at controlling thermal cracking in AC pavements. In this report, literature review summarizes selected items of the engineering literature directly relevant to precutting of pavement-type structures and control of thermal cracking in general. Crack surveys and data collection were conducted at the test sections in an AKDOT&PF resurfacing project to compare various precut strategies (variations of cut spacing and depth), with the locations of natural major transverse cracks both before and after construction. Laboratory testing and numerical analysis were also presented to provide basic data about the physical properties of the AC and help explain some of the observed characteristics associated with natural thermal cracking. 17.