• Agroborealis, Vol. 01, No. 2 (September 1969)

      Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1969-09)
      Answering Tomorrow's Questions Today -- Dairy Production: Major Enterprise Within the State With a Good Potential Future -- Alaska Dairy Cows Enter 'Beauty Contest' -- Vegetable in Alaska: Current Demand Indicates Market for $3 Million Farming Industry -- A Look At Ornamentals: Alaskans Have a Wide Use For Grass, Flowers, Bedding Plants -- Small Fruit Development: Air Freight Business May Open New Outside Market for Alaska -- Red Meat Possibilities: Vast Research Program Necessary Before this Industry Can Boom -- The Soil Picture in Alaska -- Land Development Requires Research -- How Can You Help Agriculture in Alaska? -- Locations Referred to on Page 22: Upper Yukon, Central Yukon, Lower Yukon, Lower Kuskokwim, Central Kuskokwim, Susitna River, Big Delta Kenai Peninsula, Upper Koyukuk, Kodiak, Southeastern, Copper River.
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 02, No. 1 (Feb. 1970)

      Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1970-02)
      A Scientific Tour of the Pipeline Route -- Stretching the Forage Production Season -- The Merits of Irrigation in Alaska -- Red Fescue: A Valuable Species -- Coffe, Tea, or Milk? -- An Unusual Test at Petersburg -- Potato Skin Spot, a Northern Disease -- A Hardy Strawberry: 'Alaska Pioneer' -- Weeds Studied for Strengths and Weaknesses -- Cobalt's a Must in Cattle Diet -- Revegetation Problems and Progress -- To Interview a Cow -- Lack of Sulfur Limits Plant Growth.
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 02, No. 2 (October 1970)

      Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1970-10)
      Dr. Curtis Dearborn: Alaska Frostless Holds Promise -- Dr. D.H. Dinkel: Alaska's Custom-made Scientist -- Dr. L.J. Klebesadel: He Makes Hay When the Sun Shines -- Paul Martin: He Does the Station's Dirty Work -- C. Ivan Branton: He Helped in Building Breakthrough -- Lee Allen: As an Engineer, He's in High Demand -- Charles Marsh: Always Looking for New Markets -- Dr. William Mitchell: Conservation Is His Business -- Dr. Arthur Brundage: He Watches Over Alaska's Dairy Herd -- NC-64 Committee Meets in Alaska: A Regional Effort to Solve Scientific Problems -- Dr. Winston Laughlin: Keeping an Eye on Soil Nutrients -- Sigmund Restad: Experiment Station's 'Crying Towel' -- Dr. Wayne Burton: A Real Place in the Research Picture -- James Leekley: Some 2,000 Mink Are In His Charge -- Dr. Charles Logsdon: He Specializes in Vegetable Disease -- Roscoe Taylor: Development of Cereal Crops Has Two Goals -- Dr. Richard Washburn: His Work Is Usually Full of Bugs -- Dr. Frank Wooding: An Exciting Program for 1971 -- Experiment Station's Flying Director -- Dr. Graumann's Alaska Role.
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 03, No. 1 (April 1971)

      Institute of Agricultural Sciences, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Institute of Agricultural Sciences, 1971-04)
      Ecology, Environment and Agriculture / William W. Mitchell -- Fermented, High-Moisture Barley / A. L. Brundage and L. D. Allen -- Apples in Alaska / Curtis H. Dearborn -- Native Alaskan Legumes Studied / L. J . Klebesadel -- Low Temperature Fungi / C. E. Logsdon -- Two Sources of Nitrogen for Bromegrass / Wanston M. Laughlin, Paul F. Martin and Glenn R. Smith -- Time of Planting Critical for Alaskan Grass Seed Growers / L. J. Klebesadel -- Freeze-Branding Cattle / Don C Tomlin -- Energy Measurements in a Sub-Polar Environment / C. I. Branton -- Frozen French Fries for Alaska / Charles E. Logsdon and C. I. Branton -- Oat Vane ties for Forage / R. L. Taylor -- Alaskan Veal for the Alaskan Consumer / A. L. Brundage, C. F. Marsh and L. E. Cavasos -- Resurgence Noted in Alaskan Cutworms / R. H. Washburn -- Views in Evaluating Alaskan Efforts in Range Livestock Production for the Future / C. Wayne Cook -- So Many Questions - So Few Answers / Wayne E. Burton, Donald H. Donkel and Frank J . Wooding -- A Distinguished and Charming Visiting Scientist
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 03, No. 2 (November 1971)

      Institute of Agricultural Sciences, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Institute of Agricultural Sciences, 1971-11)
      Nitrogen Metabolism in Potato Tubers: Dr. Don Dinkel, who views a potato as a 'convenient little package' which is tailor-made for scientific study, has probably asked more questions than he has answered in his experiments with centrifugalized tubers. He has determined some interesting facts. -- Vapor Barriers in Alaska Construction: Viewing Alaska as a giant refrigerator, C. Ivan Branton was able to prove to homebuilders that they were losing valuable heat when it wasn't necessary. He showed them how to stop the loss and his recommendation is now a building standard in the state. -- Grain Breeding for Better Cereals: Research agronomist Roscoe Taylor has a project which may never be completed, but progress is the name of his game. With problems in genetics and Alaska's harsh environment, Taylor faces a twin challenge. -- An Ounce of Potassium Is Worth a Pound of Potatoes: When commercial potato growers in the Matanuska Valley began to lose their crops, a team of scientists stepped in and found a fertilizer which solved the problem. -- Solving a Pair of Problems in Mink Ranching: Steatitis and cotton fur are two of the mink rancher's most feared enemies. They once posed a problem in Alaska, but thanks to the work of Jim Leekley in Petersburg, they no longer cause trouble .
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 04, No. 1 (April 1972)

      Institute of Agricultural Sciences, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Institute of Agricultural Sciences, 1972-04)
      What to do with the Surplus Dairy Calf / A.L. Brundage -- The Research Insect Collection / Richard H. Washburn -- Obtaining Increased soil temperature through the use of plastic mulches / Lee D. Allen and Don L. Pollock -- New Alaskan grasses excel in winterhardiness / L.J. Klebesadel and R.L. Taylor -- Dried summer squash, a new Alaskan frozen food / Curtis H. Dearborn -- High protein grain from Interior Alaska / Frank J. Wooding and Charles W. Knight -- A new took for land preparation in Alaska / W.W. Mitchell, Lee Allen, and C. Ivan Branton -- Which Alaskan plants are poisonous to livestock? / L.J. Klebesadel -- Will remote sensing give us the answer? / C.I. Branton and Wm. W. Mitchell -- Internal parasites in Alaskan cattle / D.C. Tomlin and A.L. Brundage -- Economic factors in Alaska milk marketing / Wayne C. Thomas and Peter C. Lin -- Fiddleheads --trick or treat? / Sigmund H. Restad and Charles F. Marsh -- Lettuce storage problems - 1971 / Charles E. Logsdon and C. Ivan Branton -- New cereal varieties for Alaska / R.L. Taylor -- Processed crab waste valuable as a liming agent / Winston M. Laughlin, Paul F. Martin and Glenn R. Smith -- Red Fescue and Bluegrass rank high in frequent-cut test / Wm. W. Mitchell
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 04, No. 2 (November 1972)

      Institute of Agricultural Sciences, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Institute of Agricultural Sciences, 1972-11)
      Lawrence Davis: Reindeer owner -- The Bannons grow vegetables on scenic farm -- Marie Fett wanted fresh eggs -- Ann Dolney turns hobby into business -- Russell James does his gardening under glass -- It's not Kansas-but Alaska! -- Profile of a Matanuska dairy farm -- Holmes family runs Aleutian Islands sheep ranch -- Visit to a Kodiak cattle ranch -- The Robert Mielkes, Matanuska Valley potato farmers -- McKee family runs Fairbanks area hog ranch
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 05, No. 1 (July 1973)

      Institute of Agricultural Sciences, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Institute of Agricultural Sciences, 1973-07)
      1972 Meat Prices Down in Fairbanks, Up in Seattle -- Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) -- Agricultural climatologists meet in Alaska -- Preserving Alaska's wood products by double diffusion -- Can preserving by double diffusion be profitable in Alaska? -- Nitrogen fertilization of Polar bromegrass -- Soil testing as a research tool -- Photoperiod/nyctoperiod pattern in autumn critical to grasses in Alaska -- Pumpkins, polyethylene and photoperiod -- The Alaska Plant Materials Center-A new institution -- Research progress with alfalfa in Alaska -- New Swine Research Facility -- Comparison of oat-pea and barley-pea silage as feed for dairy cows -- Barley yields on summer-fallowed and stubble land -- Wheat Research in Alaska -- Using native plant resources for conservation -- Rotary plow gives yeomen service -- New potato varieties for diversification and specialized markets -- Controlling Alaskan insects without chemicals -- Private Campgrounds in Alaska -- Barzee new agronomist at Palmer -- Basil Bensin dies at 91
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 06, No. 1 (May 1974)

      Institute of Agricultural Sciences, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Institute of Agricultural Sciences, 1974-05)
      Grains in Seward's Icebox / Frank J. Wooding, David H. Hassinger and George Willis -- An Examination of the Salad Vegetable Market of Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska / William G. Workman and Charles F. Marsh -- Sweet Holygrass, A Potentially Valuable Ally / L.J. Klebesadel -- Alfalfa Pellets Increase Dry Matter and Protein of Oat-Pea Silage / A.L. Brundage -- Prospecting for Green Gold / J.D. McKendrick -- Phosphorous Fixation Problems in Some Alaskan Soils / George A. Mitchell -- Winter Stresses Affecting Overwintering Crops in the Matanuska Valley / L.J. Klebesadel -- Native Bluejoint: A Valuable Forage and Germplasm Resource / Wm. W. Mitchell -- Beekeeping in Alaska / Richard H. Washburn -- Barley Response to Phosporus and Lime / Winston M. Laughlin -- A Super Bird's Eye View of Alaska / J.D. McKendrick and Peter C. Scorup -- An Early Sweet Corn for Alaska / Donald H. Dinkel and Arvo Kallio -- Two Researchers Join IAS Staff to Develop Controlled Environment Agriculture in Alaska -- Agronomists On the Banks of the Sagavanirktok / Wm. W. Mitchell, J.D. McKendrick, F.J. Wooding and M.A. Barzee -- In Memoriam of Milton A. Barzee
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 06, No. 2 (December 1974)

      Institute of Agricultural Sciences, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Institute of Agricultural Sciences, 1974-12)
      Alaska's Agricultural Stations: Then and Now -- A New Building for Fairbanks -- Matanuska Farm Gets a Cow Palace -- The Matanuska Valley Farm and Research Center -- Three Red Meat Programs -- Fairbanks Swine Barn -- A New Beef Program for Homer -- Research at Kodiak to Help the Ranchers
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 07, No. 1 (June 1975)

      Institute of Agricultural Sciences, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Institute of Agricultural Sciences, 1975)
      A Look at Forage Research in the Soviet Union: Alaska's Interests / L.J. Klebesadel -- Red Turnip Beetle / Richard H. Washburn -- Climate Reversals and Alaska's Grasslands / Wm. W. Mitchell -- The Modern Dairy Cow. . .an enigma in our time / A.L. Brundage -- Report on the Western Governs' Conference / Charles E. Logsdon -- Volcanic-Ash-Affected Soils of Southcentral Alaska: Some Chemical and Mineralogical Properties / George A. Mitchell and Jay D. McKendrick -- Production Tips: Cauliflower, Swiss Chard, Beet, Spinch, Cucumber, Potato, Summer Squash / Curtis H. Dearborn -- Small Grains on Agricultural Land in Remote Areas of Alaska / Frank J. Wooding, Jerry L. Brossin, Stephen D. Sparrow and David H. Hassinger -- Thomas E. Loynachan joins Palmer staff -- In Memoriam of John C. Brinsmade
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 08, No. 1 (January 1976)

      Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1976)
      Glowering Shrubs Used in Phenological Net / Lee D. Allen -- Vegetable Variety Trials: Research for the Commercial Grower -- Vegetable Processor or Home Gardener / D.H. Dinkel and Lura M. Ginzton -- Avoid Fertilizers With Low Phosphorus Content and Containing Nitric Phosphates / Winston M. Laughlin and Paul F. Martin -- Measuring Feed Quality By Proxy / A.L. Brundage -- Native Grass Seed Enters Commercial Production / Wm. W. Mitchell -- Early Planting Is Important To Alaskan Growers of Bluegrass And Red Fescue Seed / L.J. Klebesadel -- Photo-Plots Reveal Arctic Secrets / Jay D. McKendrick -- James V. Drew, New Director
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 09, No. 1 (January 1977)

      Institute of Agricultural Sciences, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1977)
      Outdoor Recreation Research in Alaska / Leonard K. Johnson -- Trade Interdependencies: The Case of Alaska and Washington / Kenneth L. Casavant and Wayne C. Thomas -- Evaluating Alaskan Soils - T.E. Loynachan -- Timothy Yield and Composition as Influenced by Lime and Nitrogen Applications to Kachemak Soil Series / Winston M. Laughlin, Paul F. Martin, and Glenn R. Smith -- Unusual Autumn Temperature Pattern Implicated in 1975-76 Winterkill of Plants / L.J. Klebesadel -- Consumer Reaction to CEA Vegetables / William G. Workman, Carol E. Lewis and Charles F. Marsh -- Quality of Bluejoint Hay is Influenced by Time of Harvest / Jay D. McKendrick, A.L. Brundage and V.L. Burton -- High-Level Panel Reviews Alaska's Agricultural Research Needs / C.E. Logsdon
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 09, No. 2 (July 1977)

      Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1977)
      Introduction / Charles E. Logsdon -- Service and Supply -- Processing -- People -- Transportation -- Marketing -- Energy -- Business
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 10, No. 1 (January 1978)

      Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1978)
      From The Director's Desk -- Agricultural Field Day at Aniak-A Big Success / Carol E. Lewis and Frank J. Wooding, David H. Hassinger -- Low-Cost, Year-Around Calf Housing / Gary L. Beardsley -- Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Natural and Agricultural Situations in Alaska / Leslie J. Klebesadel -- Some Research on Turfgrasses at Fairbanks / Stephen D. Sparrow, Jr. and Frank J. Wooding -- The pH of Bodenburg Silt Loam Soil as Related to Forest cover and Time Under Cultivation / Winston M. Laughlin -- Wild Rice Trials in Alaska / Gene H. Whiting, Frank J. Wooding, and Carol E. Lewis -- Rehabilitation of Bare Sites in Interior Alaska / Bonita J. Neiland -- Crisp Green Salad at Forty Below / Carol E. Lewis -- Potato Storage Management in Alaska / Curtis H. Dearborn -- Who Cares? / Arthur L. Brundage -- An Oilseed Crop Looks Promising for Alaska / Frank J. Wooding, Carol E. Lewis, and Stephen D. Sparrow, Jr. -- Publications List for 1977
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 11, No. 1 (January 1979)

      Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1979)
      From The Director's Desk -- The Homer Beef Production Project-A Cooperative Effort in Applied Research / Jay D. McKendrick, Wm. W. Mitchell, and Fredric M. Husby -- Hay Quality Survey for the Homer Beef Production Project-1977 / Jay D. McKendrick -- Gains of Beef Calves during Winter-Feeding and Summer-Grazing Trials on the Lower Kenai Peninsula, Alaska / F.M. Husby -- Managing Native Bluejoint Reedgrass for Forage Production / Wm. W. Mitchell -- Cool Heads and Warm Feet / D.H. Dinkel, L.M. Ginzton, and P.J. Wagner -- The Rampart Agricultural Experiment Station, 1900-1925: A Look into the Past / Frank J. Wooding -- George T. Gasser: A Brief Biography / Sig Restad -- Iceland: Productive Northland / Wm. W. Mitchell -- Delta-Clearwater Lands Opened for Agricultural Use-2,000-Acre Clearing-Trials Project / Carol E. Lewis, Glen D. Franklin, and Donald M. Quarberg -- Delta Dust? Soil Management on Agricultural Land in Interior Alaska / Charles W. Knight, Carol E. Lewis, and James Stroh -- 'Summerred' Apple, A Delightful Addition to 'Chinese Golden Early' and 'Rescue' Eating Applies for Southcentral Alaska / Curtis H. Dearborn -- Asian Markets for Alaska's Agricultural Products / Wayne C. Thomas -- Woodland Nutrient Cycling-An Important Consideration in Renewable Resource Management / K. Van Cleve, M. Weber, L.A. Viereck, and C.T. Dyrness -- In Memoriam: Dr. Richard H. Washburn -- Publications List for 1978
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 12, No. 1 (January 1980)

      Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1980)
      From the Director's Desk -- King Crab Meat-A Protein Supplement for Swine / F.M. Husby -- Buckwheat-A New Look at an Old Crop / F.J. Wooding -- Mine Reclamation in Portions of West Germany, the Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics and Alaska / J.D. McKendrick -- Observations of a Grass Bug on Native Bluejoint Ranges / J.D. McKendrick and D.P. Bleicher -- Will Alaskan Farmers Sell the Development Rights to their Land? / Wm. G. Workman, E.L. Arobio and A.F. Gasbarro -- The Warble-Fly Problem in Alaskan Reindeer / R.H. Washburn, L.J. Klebesadel, J.S. Palmer, J.R. Luick, and D.P. Bleicher -- Does it Work? Barley, Potato and Bromegrass Yields and Bromegrass Chemical Composition Unchanged by Use of a Multipurpose Wetting Agent / W.M. Laughlin, G.S. Smith, and M.A. Peters -- Forest Regeneration of Upland Areas Following Logging in Interior Alaska / J.D. Fox -- Outdoor Recreation Research in Alaska-A Problem Analysis / A. Jubenville -- Using Phenology to Characterize Spring Seasons in Alaska / Wm. W. Mitchell -- Birdvetch-Forage Crop, Ground Cover, Ornamental, or Weed? / L.J. Klebesadel -- Staff Notes -- Publications List for 1979
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 13 (January 1981)

      Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1981)
      From the Director's Desk -- A Changing Pattern In Small-grain Silage Mixtures in Alaska / A. L Brundage, R. L. Taylor, and V. L. Burton -- A B1ological Catalyst Leaves Bromegrass, Barley, and Wheat Yields and Bromegrass Composition Unchanged / W. M. Laugllhn, G. R. Smirh, and M, A. Peters -- Land Applicat1on of Sludge-''You Gotta Put it Somewhere" / R. A. Johnson, J. W. Winslade, and F. J. Wooding -- Marketing Alaska's Roses / C. A. Warren and C. E. Lewis -- Agriculture and Wlldlife: Are They Compatible in Alaska? / L. J. Klebesadel and S. H. Restad -- A Simple Structure for Plant Environment Enhancement / L. Allen -- Natural Revegetation cf Dredge Tailings at Fox, Alaska / K. W. Holmes -- Techniques for Continuous and Improved Vegetable Harvests. The Effect of Plant Spacing, Transplantinq and Direct Seeding / D. H. Dinkel, P. J. Wagner, and G. f. Matheke -- Optimum Herd Structure in Alaska Reindeer Herds / E. L. Arobio -- Plant Diseases: A Potential Threat to Delta Barley / J. H. McBeath -- Rust Diseases on White Spruce in Alaska / J. H. McBeath -- The Persistence of the Herbicides 2,4-D and Picloram in Alaskan Soils North of Latitude 60° / W. E. Burgoyne -- Responses of Arctic Tundra to Intensive Muskox Grazing / J.D. McKendrick -- Alaskan Developed Grass Varieties Coming into Use / Wm. W Mitchell -- Persistence and Movement of Agricultural Chemicals in Soils in the Delta-Clearwater Area / C. W Knight and C. E. Lewis -- Notes -- News and Comment: Delta Agricultural Project-Success or Failure? / R. Pollock -- Publications List for 1980
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 14 (January 1982)

      Agricultural Experiment Station, School of Agriculture and Land Resources Management, University of Alaska (University of Alaska, Agricultural Experiment Station, 1982-01)
      From The Director's Desk -- Stripmine Reclamation and Wildlife in Alaska / Charles L. Elliott and Joy D. McKendrick -- Project Agriculture: An experience in the Southern Hemisphere / Wayne C. Thomas --
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 15 (January 1983)

      Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1983)
      From the Director's Desk -- Conservation Tillage Research in Interior Alaska / Carol E. Lewis -- Soil Moisture and Temperature as Influenced by Fall and Spring Tillage Systems / Roger Boyer -- Planting and Fertilizing Options in Barley Production / Charles Knight -- Recreation Planning in the White Mountains National Recreation Area / Richard B. Tobin -- Limestone Landscapes of the White Mountains / Glenn Patrick Juday -- Valuing Outdoor Recreational Opportunities / William G. Workman -- Influence of a Complete Fertilizer on Soli pH and Ava1lable N03- N, P, and K in Kachemak Silt Loam / Winston M. Laughlin, Glenn R. Smith, and Mary A Peters -- The Computer Comes to Alaska Farming / Charles E. Logsdon -- Changes in Weed-Species Assemblage with Increasing Field Age / Jeffrey S. Conn and John A DeLapp -- Increased or Decreased Energy for Moose? / William B. Collins -- Undergraduate Degree Encompasses New Options in Forestry and Agriculture / Carla A. Kirts -- Spinach Creek Watershed / John D. Fox -- Tissue Culture / Heather McIntyre and Donald H. Dinkel -- The Effect of Feeding Whole-Grain Barley to Free-Ranging and Penned Reindeer / J.M. Blanchard, W.E. Hauer, and J.R. Luick -- Public Policy and the Future of Alaska's Reindeer Industry / Wayne C. Thomas and Edward L. Arobio -- Does Feeding Crab Meal to Dairy Cows Adversely Affect Milk Taste? / A.L. Brundage -- Notes -- Publications List for 1982