• Geospatial Validation and Topographic Map Revision of the Castner Glacier Area

      Verbyla, Dave L.; Cain, Grant (2012)
      Mapping in the interior of Alaska has always been a challenge due to the vast and remote aspects of the region. One contemporary method that has been used to map certain areas of the state has been the application of optical satellite data such as the Panchromatic Remote Sensing Instrument for Stereo Mapping (PRISM). PRISM imagery, with the use of JAXA software, can produce a Digital Surface Model (DSM) and Orthorectified Image (Ortho). The use of these two products allows for a large area to be mapped. However, the quality of the DSM and Ortho are inherently affected by the lack of applied ground control points which georeference the image and provide greater accuracy. The objective of this project is to use a Trimble R7 GPS to acquire ground control points (GCPs) around the Castner Glacier area. The ground control points will provide a means to produce an accurate DSM and Ortho from a PRISM image of the chosen study area.