• Is there enough information on SIDS in Alaska?

      McAfee, Keegan (2012)
      The rate of SIDS in Alaska is about two times the national average, and even more prevalent among Alaska natives. In this research project I wanted to ask what kind, and how much information is provided to new parents on SIDS in interior Alaska? The purpose of my study was to see if healthcare providers from a wide range of specialties, but all dealing with birth, had provided their patients with the same or differing information on SIDS in Alaska. I went to multiple healthcare providers and interviewed them, asking what kind of information they provided to the new parents. I obtained varying answers from a standardized packet on SIDS, to no information provided for new parents at all. I believe that this huge discrepancy in information, can and does play a role in the incident of SIDS in Alaska. Ultimately I would like to further research the cases of SIDS and see what types of healthcare providers were used for pre/neo-natal care and see if in fact there is a correlation among the types of information provided.