• Resistance to multi organ damage after hemorrhagic shock induced ischemia/reperfusion in arctic ground squirrels

      Bogren, Lori; Olson, JM; Carpluk, J; Moore, JT; Drew, KL (2012)
      •Worldwide hemorrhagic shock is the number one cause of death in trauma patients, the majority of those die from multi organ dysfunction syndrome [1, 2]. •During hemorrhagic shock (HS), the body undergoes global ischemia as blood pressure drops below the threshold at which tissues can be adequately perfused with blood. •Resistance to ischemic injury is a characteristic of hibernating mammals, including ground squirrels. •There is debate on if this resistance is dependant on hibernation season or if it is an intrinsic plasticity of the organism. QUESTION: Are AGS protected from HS‐induced ischemia reperfusion (I/R) injury on the whole organism and tissue–specific levels and if any protection is dependent upon their hibernation season.