• Frequency-Based Monitoring of Small-Scale Explosive Volcanic Activity

      Worden, Anna K. (2012)
      Strombolian activity is one of the most common types of volcanic activity. When this activity occurs at remote volcanoes it often goes undetected and cannot be monitored easily or safely by direct methods. Satellite remote sensing can be useful in the routine monitoring of this activity. Numerous remote volcanoes in the North Paci c exhibit Strombolian activity, often as a precursor to more vigorous activity which can a ect communities and transportation. Factors a ecting the visibility the explosions include satellite and crater geometry, time of image capture, and most importantly, weather. These factors eliminate a signi cant number of satellite passes. The remaining passes are used to calculate the probability of a clear view at the volcano and the likelihood of detecting an explosion. All of these factors are used to detect changes in relative frequency of explosions.