• Speed -Sensorless Estimation And Position Control Of Induction Motors For Motion Control Applications

      Barut, Murat; Bogosyan, Seta; Hawkins, Joseph G.; Wies, Richard W.; Bracio, Boris (2006)
      High performance sensorless position control of induction motors (IMs) calls for estimation and control schemes which offer solutions to parameter uncertainties as well as to difficulties involved with accurate flux and velocity estimation at very low and zero speed. In this thesis, novel control and estimation methods have been developed to address these challenges. The proposed estimation algorithms are designed to minimize estimation error in both transient and steady-state over a wide velocity range, including very low and persistent zero speed operation. To this aim, initially single Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) algorithms are designed to estimate the flux, load torque, and velocity, as well as the rotor, Rr' or stator, Rs resistances. The temperature and frequency related variations of these parameters are well-known challenges in the estimation and control of IMs, and are subject to ongoing research. To further improve estimation and control performance in this thesis, a novel EKF approach is also developed which can achieve the simultaneous estimation of R r' and Rs for the first time in the sensorless IM control literature. The so-called Switching and Braided EKF algorithms are tested through experiments conducted under challenging parameter variations over a wide speed range, including under persistent operation at zero speed. Finally, in this thesis, a sensorless position control method is also designed using a new sliding mode controller (SMC) with reduced chattering. The results obtained with the proposed control and estimation schemes appear to be very compatible and many times superior to existing literature results for sensorless control of IMs in the very low and zero speed range. The developed estimation and control schemes could also be used with a variety of the sensorless speed and position control applications, which are challenged by a high number of parameter uncertainties.