• Design and implementation of application-specific medium access control protocol for scalable smart home embedded systems

      Dushime, Bertrand; Raskovic, Dejan; Mayer, Charles; McNeely, Jason (2016-05)
      By incorporating electrical devices, appliances and house features in a system that is controlled and monitored either remotely or on-site, smart home technologies have recently gained an increasing popularity. There are several smart home systems already available, ranging from simple on-site home monitoring to self-learning and Wi-Fi enabled systems. However, current systems do not fully make use of recent technological advancement and synergy among a variable number of sensors for improved data collection. For a synergistic system to be provident it needs to be modular and scalable to match exact user needs (type of applications and adequate number of sensors for each application). With an increased number of sensors intelligently placed to optimize the data collection, a wireless network is indispensable for a flexible and inexpensive installation. Such a network requires an efficient medium access control protocol to sustain a reliable system, provide flexibility in design and to achieve lower power consumption. This thesis brings to light practical ways to improve current smart home systems. As the main contribution of this work, we introduce a novel application-specific medium access control protocol able to support suggested improvements. In addition, a smart home prototype system is implemented to evaluate the protocol performance and prove concepts of recommended advances. This thesis covers the design of the proposed novel medium access protocol and the software/hardware implementation of the prototype system focusing on the monitoring and data analysis side, while providing inputs for the control side of the system. The smart home system prototype is Wi-Fi and Web connected, designed and implemented to emphasize system usability and energy efficiency.