• Design of a fast telemetry encoder for sounding rockets

      Hatfield, Gaelen C. (2005-12)
      This thesis describes the design, development, implementation and testing of the FOXIE-03 (Frame Oriented eXpandable Integrated-circuit Encoder, Designed in 2003) Telemetry System. This system was developed for the University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska Space Grant Program (UAF / ASGP) to serve as a sounding rocket data encoder for current and future Alaska Student Rocket Project (ASRP) missions. The encoder provides compatibility with the IRIG106-01 telemetry standard and NASA telemetry downlink systems. The encoder provides a full complement of analog and digital inputs. The encoder also provides a cross-platform USB interface for easy configuration. The first flight of the FOXIE-03 system is expected to be aboard the U AF ISIS (Ionospheric Science and Inertial Sensing) Mission which will be launched from Poker Flat Research Range in early 2007. The FOXIE-03 Telemetry system was delivered in a year's time. Extensive testing is ongoing and will lead to its acceptance as space flight certified hardware for the Alaska Space Grant Program.