• A synergistic wearable health monitoring system using cellular network technology

      Pamidi, Nagarjuna; Raskovic, Dejan; Thorsen, Denise; McNeely, Jason B. (2017-05)
      This thesis presents a synergistic approach to healthcare applications by integrating a wearable health monitoring system into a smart home system. By exploiting synergy within each system and between these two systems, this thesis shows that the efficiency of the health care can be increased while providing the added advantage of utmost user-friendly environment. Initially, a wearable health monitoring prototype system was developed for vital sign data collection and processing. The developed system used biosensor integration to distinguish amongst multiple physical activities and to compare the variations in physiological conditions according to physical activity of the user. Afterward, system learning techniques were established for accomplishing the scalability of the health monitoring system. The resulting system is able to monitor different users without the need for explicitly changing the thresholds for the individual user. The health monitoring was further improved through integration with the smart home system to exploit synergy between various physiological sensors and to reduce false alarms generated by the system. A cellular communication interface was developed for transmitting the collected data to a remote caregiver and also to store the time-stamped data on the online web server. A web interface was developed to allow monitoring user's health and activity data, along with their surrounding environment.