• Performance analysis of capture of heat energy from diesel engine exhaust

      Raghupatruni, Prasada Rao (2007-08)
      Diesel generators produce electrical power. New diesel generators, which use turbochargers, release a significant amount of heat energy from the turbocharger after coolers. Another significant amount of heat energy released from diesel engines and normally not captured for useful applications is the heat released from exhaust manifolds. This project discusses the design, installation, instrumentation, performance measurement and performance analysis of an exhaust heat recovery system for a new diesel generator, which has injection timing control. A diesel generator releases about one-third of its fuel energy in exhaust heat. The main aspect of this project is to study heat recovery from the exhaust of a diesel generator for heating purposes. The amount of heat liberated from the exhaust can be used both for the space and floor heating. This project covers the work for the selection of a desired heat recovery system as well as an analysis of the results of the selected heat recovery system. The amount of heat recovered from the exhaust by the heat recovery system was 50% of the total amount of heat present in the exhaust. No corrosion spots were found on the heat exchanger during the heat recovery system run time.