• Properties and performance evaluation of syntroleum synthetic diesel fuels

      Sastry, Kanthikiran (2005-12)
      Synthetic fuels derived from natural gas or coal have been proposed as a replacement for the diminishing stock of fuels distilled from crude oil, and in addition offer significant environmental benefits. Fuels of this type are currently being produced and tested for their compatibility with existing diesel engines. This study examines the physical properties of the Syntroleum synthetic fuel produced by Syntroleum Corporation of Tulsa, OK, and its performance and energy balance in a Detroit Diesel series 50 engine generator. This is a high cetane fuel that contains predominately paraffins, and is essentially free of sulfur, olefins, metals, aromatics or alcohols. This work includes measuring physical properties: lubricity, density, cloud point, and heating value. Also discussed is the thermodynamic energy flow in a diesel generator system to determine what effect the new fuel has on electrical and heat production. In addition to the investigation of synthetic fuel, a similar kind of study was also performed on bio-diesel produced from fish oil.