• Robust control of geared and direct-drive robotic manipulators under parameter and model uncertainties

      Suravaram, Praveen Reddy; Bogosyan, Seta; Sonwalkar, Vikas; Aspnes, John (2005-05)
      The major contribution of this thesis is the design and evaluation of a chattering-free sliding mode controller (SMC), which is a novel application for 2 degree-of-freedom (DOF) planar robot arms exposed to load variations. The performance of the SMC is evaluated in comparison to a proportional-derivative-plus (PD+) controller, as an example of nonlinear model-based controllers, as well as classical linear controllers, such as proportional-derivative (PD) and proportional-integral-derivative (PID). The performance of all four methods has been tested via realistic and detailed simulation models developed for both geared and direct-drive type 2-DOF planar robot arms. The model used in simulations reflects the dynamics of the arm, as well as the actuator dynamics and pulse width modulation (PWM) switching of the power converters. Simulations are performed under unknown load variations for both step and sinusoidal type reference joint trajectories. The results demonstrate that the chattering-free SMC provides increased accuracy and robustness than that of the other controllers and requires no prior knowledge of the system dynamic model and the load variation that the end-effector is subjected to. The results obtained could be extended to the control of a variety of geared and direct-drive type robotic configurations.