• Design of a wireless sensor network platform and testing environment

      Vadlamani, Srikar; Raskovic, Dejan; Mayer, Charles; Thorsen, Denise (2005-05)
      In this thesis, we present the design and implementation of a wireless sensor network platform and testing environment, for energy efficient, centralized Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) architecture. The entire design process for an energy efficient sensor network requires several design considerations, from component selection for the design of sensor nodes, to the design of a power efficient application specific communication protocol. This thesis provides an insight into all these design considerations. We also discuss tools and techniques for the analysis and assessment of the performance and energy efficiency of a chosen sensor node design. We present a comprehensive design and analysis of sensor node architecture, including a survey of sensor node platforms and energy management techniques. Hardware choices, as well as software solutions, will be discussed. Software components that act as device drivers are briefly explained in this work. We also define and present a sensor node emulator, used to emulate a number of sensors, which can be used in other projects.