• Corrosion of Steel in Calcium-Magnesium-Acetate (CMA) Deicier

      Venkatesh, Eswarahalli S.; Kutterer, Stephanie (1985-01)
      The corrosiveness of a new road deicer, Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA), was determined under various conditions of temperature, pH, and concentration. The corrosion rates of steel in CMA solutions were generally found to be of the order of 2 mils per year (mpy). In comparison, for the currently used chloride salt deicers the corrosion rates can range from 25-80 mpy. CMA is generally found to be a non-corrosive medium compared to sodium and calcium chloride. Although this preliminary corrosion research indicates that CMA is less corrosive to steels than salts, further work is necessary to confirm the corrosion characteristics of CMA on other materials. Additional studies should be performed on environmental and aesthetic aspects before widespread application of CMA as a road deicier.