• Alaska Wastewater Treatment Technology

      Johnson, Ronald A. (University of Alaska, Institute of Water Resources, 1978-01)
      This report is intended to be an assessment of wastewater treatment technology in Alaska today. It is not a study of the politics of environmentalists vs. industry, the environmental laws now existing, nor of the design of utilidors in the Arctic. These and other important topics have been dealt with elsewhere. The study is subdivided into three major areas: 1) individual home treatment systems, 2) municipal and military systems, and 3) industrial wastewater treatment. With each category, the existing situation in Alaska is summarized and examples of technology currently being used are presented. Advantages and disadvantages of various methods are discussed with suggestions made for methodologies particularly appropriate to Alaska. Although the bulk of the report is drawn from the "Alaskan experience," results obtained in other parts of the world are cited where appropriate.