• Modeling of wax precipitation

      Bhangale, Amit Y. (2007-12)
      Due to increasing oil demand, oil companies are moving into deep water and arctic environments for oil production. In these regions, due to lower temperature, wax starts depositing when the temperature in wellbore falls below Wax Appearance Temperature (WAT). This leads to reduced production rates and larger pressure drops. Wax problems in production wells are very costly due to production down time and removal of wax. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the solution to overcome wax deposition. Wax precipitation is one of the most important phenomena in wax deposition, and hence, it needs to be modeled. There are various models present in literature. The purpose of this study is to compare two major classes of wax precipitation models. Won's model which considers the wax phase as a non-ideal solution and Pedersen's model which considers the wax phase as an ideal-solution were compared. Comparison indicated that Pedersen's model gives better results but the assumption of wax phase as an ideal solution is not realistic. Hence, Won's model was modified to consider different precipitation characteristics of the different constituents in the hydrocarbon fraction. The results obtained from the modified Won's model were compared with existing models and it was found that predictions from the modified model are encouraging.