• Evaluation of coalbed methane resource potential using limited data

      Olaniran, Oluwabiyi Michael; Ogbe, David O.; Zhu, Tao; Patil, Shirish L. (2005-05)
      This study presents the results of the evaluation of the Coalbed Methane (CBM) resource potential of the Cook Inlet Basin using a computer-aided well log analysis of the subsurface data. Coal seams were identified from the well logs. Formation and reservoir fluid properties including porosity, water saturation and net pay thickness of the coal seams were determined. The analysis revealed discontinuous coal seams interspaced largely by mudstone, silt, and sandstone formations within the depth of investigation. The CBM resource (Original Gas In Place) and recoverable reserves were estimated on per acre-foot basis. Monte Carlo simulation was run to refine the estimated CBM reserves and to allow for variations in the measured petrophysical input parameters used in the resource evaluation.