• Arctic entry: Kuskokwim River photogravures

      Bailey, Alice; Mason, Charles; Guthrie, Mareca; Mehner, Da-kakeen; Mollett, David (2014-05)
    • Cosmic dust

      Manalang, Maria Belina S.; Mollett, David L.; Mason, Charles W.; Jones, Zoe Marie; Croskrey, Wendy E. (2015-12)
      My thesis is a body of work collectively entitled Cosmic Dust. It consists of different series of paintings that I've produced as a Master of Fine Arts student here at University of Alaska Fairbanks. These series are the Drip Paintings, Celestial Objects, and Ellipsoids. Elements from different series sometimes combine to form hybrid paintings. Although I have categorized my paintings into these three series, they have many elements in common. They are all related to natural phenomena involving continuous cycles and the effects of gravitational force.
    • Nome as place

      Enriquez, Alyssa Marie (2016-12)
      Inspired by finding a sense of place within the Circumpolar North this project examines this artist’s personal connection to Nome, Alaska with a contemporary photographic approach utilizing the historical Platinum Palladium photographic process. The use of the Platinum Palladium process explores the artist’s connection to place, the idea of landscape, cultural iconography, and connects it to historic trends in the field of photography.
    • Watching you go: exploring subjective documentary methods in contemporary photography

      Quimby, Ellamarie; Mason, Charles W.; Lazarus, Joshua J.; Jones, Zoe M.; Mehner, Da-ka-xeen (2017-05)
      This work examines the history and contemporary context of photojournalism and documentary photography through narrative imagery of the artist's mother and family. By adapting traditional documentary practices and exploring more subjective methodologies, Watching you go addresses the artist's physical and emotional limitations while experiencing her mother's terminal illness.
    • Playing with color

      Hollensbe, Sharon; Mollett, David; Sherman, Todd; Jones, Zoe; Mason, Charles; Woodward, Kesler (2018-04)
      This paper is a description of the history of my study of art for my Masters of Fine Art program, focusing mainly on painting, that were influenced by various artists and mentors over a 19 year period. I was accepted into the University of Fairbanks Art Department MFA program in 1999, withdrew in 2002, and re-applied and was accepted back into the program in 2015. My program concluded with a verbal presentation with PowerPoint, and a show of my paintings at the Well Street Art Company on April 6, 2018.
    • Inside out: an invisible illness explored through art

      Chamberlain, Jennifer; Brashear, James; Mason, Charles; Jones, Zoe Marie; Shannon, Teresa (2018-12)
      Inside Out: A Hidden Illness Explored Through Art is a thesis Project to fulfill the requirements of an MFA degree in visual arts. This project focused on ceramics and photography inspired by the unusual combination of medical imagery and heavily textured ocean landscapes. Through this body work, a better understanding of invisible illness is revealed. During my first year as an MFA student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, I was invited to be an apprentice to Simon Levin, a woodfire potter specializing in functional wares fired in a Japanese style Anagama Kiln. One month into my apprenticeship I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, an unpredictable and incurable autoimmune disease that disrupts the central nervous system causing progressive physical and cognitive deficits. My apprenticeship experience dramatically changed course as I began investigating and adapting to new ways of working in clay. I have had to redefine my identity as a ceramic artist as a result of this diagnosis and the impact it has had on my daily life. My interpretation of this new medical diagnosis has resulted in exciting, detailed surfaces and textures on my functional ceramics. Through this exploration, I have begun to form a connection between the textures and lines of medical imaging and my love for the subtle beauty of the ocean landscape. Exploring these subjects through their unusual and unexpected combinations has provided me with a healing and introspective experience that has greatly influenced my recent work.
    • A Collection of masses or: weaving a world recalled (a collage of things once seen)

      Bartsch, Max Dymond; Mollett, David; Duffy, Annie; Jones, Zoë Marie (2019-04)
      “A Collection of Masses” serves as an introspective look at the visual inspiration and synthesis of a creative childhood, lifestyle, and culture. The writing serves as a personal history, detailing significant artists and works and the ways they served as influences. I was born into a family of artists. I grew up watching my mother paint and lived in a domestic space with art studio pockets throughout it. In our household we always made things and I find my working method most absorbed in that act of creativity and process. My masters thesis body of work revolves around system relationships drawing forms from a variety of systems; the human organ systems, crowd dynamics, and the systems with which artists create their work. It synthesizes ideas begun by artistic influences, and embraces artistic experimentation and creativity.