• Survey Research On The Relationship Between Immediacy Behaviors, Communication Competency, And Philanthropic Success

      Drygas, Emily Cameron; Cooper, Christine (2008)
      In this study, 124 Alaskan-based development professionals responded to a questionnaire concerning their perceived communicative competency and their self-reported immediacy behaviors in relation to fund-raising success. Several key findings resulted. First, in relation to the role of communication competency, this study suggests that fund-raising success is driven by the donor, rather than the fund-raising professional's communication competency. Second, the study found that successful fund-raising professionals have higher levels of verbal and non-verbal immediacy behaviors (when compared to non-successful fundraisers). Third, this study finds that development professionals who work in the geographic region of Northern Alaska use less verbal immediacy behaviors than those development professionals who represent regions in south-central, southeast, interior, and statewide districts. Finally, the demographics presented in this study support the priority need for Alaskan fundraisers to continue to grow their donor base since only 14% of the respondents reported that they are reliant on face-to-face meetings with donors for gifts in the range of $18,000--$300,000. This can be attributed to the "newness" of philanthropic work in Alaska and highlights the incredible growth potential for this field in the future.