• The state of climate change in AK: agency and networking of the governmental kind

      O'Neall, Mindy L.; DeCaro, Peter; Taylor, Karen; Hirsch, Alex; Dodge, Kathryn (2017)
      Alaska coastal villages are faced with relocating their communities' due to erosion, flooding, permafrost thaw and other slow-moving natural hazards that risk their safety. State and federal efforts to relocate, specifically, indigenous communities are thwarted by insufficient policy and restrictive agency missions, and coordination of actors, authority, responsibility, accountability, access and funding is lacking between levels of government, further complicating action. Networks are created to view mission statements from tribal, state, and federal agencies, nonprofits and private industry were coded to analyze coordination between key actors involved in climate governance and planned relocation. State and federal climate and disaster response policies are reviewed to identify areas to strengthen climate governance that is inclusive of indigenous communities' rights, culture, traditions and livelihoods.