• Compiled occurrence data of migratory Hooded Cranes in Southeast Asia

      Cai, T.; Guo, Y.; Huettmann, F.; Lee, K. (Beijing Forestry University, Beijing China, 2015-01-01)
      This dataset represents the best available science-based ocurrences (presence only) of Hooded Cranes during fall and spring migration along the flyway in Asia. This dataset consists of 115 geo-referenced sightings with the source/observer in a comma delimited file format. The geo-referencing was done in decimal latitude and longitude with six decimals. Each record carries a source information and is derived from 21 sources. The biggest data sections come from field obervations of the local authors as well as GBIF, satellite telemetry, and Higuchi (1994) and Chang (1999). This data set has four columns and 115 rows with a size of 30KB.