• Phytochemistry and chemosystematics of Artemisia arctica in Alaska

      Riggins, Chance W.; Clausen, Thomas; Stoltzberg, Richard; Schwaegerle, Kent (2001-05)
      Artemisia L. (Asteraceae - Anthemideae) is a large and taxonomically complex genus occurring widely throughout the northern hemisphere. Chemical investigations in this genus have mainly been stimulated by the economic and/or medicinal importance of many of its members. This chemical knowledge has also provided useful criteria for resolving systematic uncertainties within the genus. Alaskan Artemisia species are little known chemically despite their historic and contemporary medicinal use. Therefore, an investigation of the chemistry of Alaskan Artemisia arctica was initiated with the dual purpose of searching for structurally novel and/or biologically active compounds and contributing additional criteria for systematic studies of this taxon. Collections of A. arctica from four different geographic locations in Alaska were analyzed for chemical characters and biological activity. The roots and leaves afforded one novel acetylenic isocoumarin, in addition to several known acetylenic and non-acetylenic compounds. The biological and systematic significance of these results are discussed.