• Compiled Rabies and Trichinosis (presence only) outbreak data for Alaska

      Waltuch, Rebekah (2014-09-01)
      These are two data sets that were compiled during a UAF student research project, Landscape Ecology class 469/669 (eLearning). They represent a value-added data set and can easily be mapped in a Geographic Information System (GIS) etc. For rabies in Alaska, 237 confirmed cases were found of which 158 had complete information (year, coordinates and vector). The rabies cases in this database are from 1914 til 2013; vectors include Dog, Wolf, Red Fox, Coyote, Arctic Fox, Cat, Caribou, Little Brown Bat, Keen's Myotic Bat and Wolverine. The Alaskan trichinosis data cover 1976-2012 and with various details. Species covered are: Walrus Black Bear, Brown Bear, Bear (unspecified) and Polar Bear. These are student project data compiled from various accessible sources (e.g. the State of Alaska Epidiology website <http://www.epi.hss.state.ak.us> and references cited in the Methods), and they are incomplete. However, they can be used for predictive modeling and similar studies and investigations.