• Climate (temperature & humidity) data logger data from EasyLogUSB in interior Alaska

      Huettmann, Falk (2017)
      These data are daily climate data (temperature and humidity) collected on transects in interior Alaska throughout the year. Data were collected for the years 2015, 2016 and 2017 by ski, with dogs, by bike and by car. An attached EasyLogUSB data logger was used and usually 10 second interval records were collected during a 1hour data session, or more (daily profiles, some are stationary for 24hours). Temperature is collected as degrees Celsius and humidity as percent; data exist as a txt/ASCII format in columns. These data are referenced to time and locations, and they can be used as cross-profiles for landscape climate and ground-truthing of climate models using GIS and geo-referencing. Data include the �sampling of altitudinal profiles, landscape cover, river crossings and various topographies, including coastal-interior gradients. Data collection is still ongoing.
    • Distribution and density of the American Red Squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus ) in the interior Alaskan old-growth forest for 2019

      Huettmann, Falk; Steiner, Moriz (2019-07-31)
      The aim of this project -carried out in July 2019 - was to determine the distribution and density of the American Red Squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus; taxonomic serial number 180166) in the old-growth forest of interior Alaska; region of Fairbanks. Also the distribution and density of squirrel middens (construction built by the squirrel, which is used for nutrition storing for the winter. Middens also provide as a nest for the squirrel's which can be used as protection from predators. We carried out opportunistic surveys along trails and within forest stands using GPS and notebook. Google Maps were used for navigation and planning help. This work can be used for subsequent model predictions with GIS software and other modelling software programs to obtain the detection rates and the distribution and density of middens in the whole study area (Tanana State Forest).
    • Red squirrel midden model prediction GIS data

      Robold, Richard; Huettmann, Falk (11/30/2019)
      This dataset features the best-available compilation about Red Squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus, taxonomic serial number 180168 ) GIS model predictions in a study area in Fairbanks,Alaska. This dataset starts in 20016 and ends in 2017. The data are referenced in time and in space (GPS) and it consist of GIS layers for the UAF campus trails, including LIDAR; the geographic projection is UTM 6N in meters. The dara are compiled from sightings and records by the first author. This dataset represents opportunistic as well as complete sightings for a study area at UAF campus. The actual squirrel data are compiled into an MS Excel sheet and all other data layers are in ESRI format: raster or shapefile Tthe size of the overall data package is app. 21 MB.