• The Last Settlers

      Brice, Jennifer Page (1995)
      The American frontier closed in 1986 without fanfare. Earlier in that decade, the federal government offered up the last 40,000 acres for settlement in two parcels. The first was near Lake Minchumina, in the geographic center of Alaska, and the second was at Slana, near Alaska's eastern border with Canada. The following essays chronicle the daily doings of two communities and, in particular, two families: the Hannans of Deadfish Lake and the Craigs of South Slana. A work of literary journalism, The Last Settlers draws on interviews, historical documents and reminiscences to explore the changing meanings, on the cusp of the twenty-first century, of wilderness and civilization, stewardship and community. <p>
    • Travel Writing Sampler: Thailand

      Dickson, Jennifer Ann (1999)
      "Travel Writing Sampler: Thailand" is a collection of articles and essays employing three different approaches to travel writing: straightforward overview of a place; information-oriented travel article; and personal essay travel narrative. The thematic focus of this collection is travel experiences in Thailand. Part One examines the evolution of the genre of travel writing. Part Two gives the reader an overview of Thailand. Part Three includes four information-oriented articles. Part Four offers examples of personal essay travel narratives. After a review of the literature in this field, I have concluded that successful travel writers balance elements of the information-oriented article and the personal essay travel narrative. Effective, lively travel writing combines the place being written about and the self--of the writer and traveler. <p>