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    • Ketchikan Cup O' News 2021-11

      Ziegler, Ali; Urquhart, Dr. Bill; Robinson, Dr. Charmaine; Goffredi, Angie (University of Alaska Southeast, 2021-11)
    • Ketchikan Cup O' News 2021-09

      Nelson, Tessa; Hoyt, Chris; Long, John (University of Alaska Southeast, 2021-09)
    • Ketchikan Cup O' News 2020-11

      Ayers, Bill; Hoyt, Chris (University of Alaska Southeast, 2020-11)
    • Ketchikan Cup O' News 2020-09

      Tabb, Shellie; Hoyt, Chris; Ayers, Bill (University of Alaska Southeast, 2020-09)
      Keepin' It Real [Wet] -- Impact On and Off Campus -- Tech Corner: Save Yourself Time and Frustration -- UAS Facilities Team Hard at Work with Safeguards -- Sowing a Little "Discord" in the Library -- ASK UAS Kicks Off -- Red Breasted Sapsucker -- Remember to Vote
    • Ketchikan Cup O' News 2019-08

      Booth, Tina (University of Alaska Southeast, 2019-09)
    • Ketchikan Cup O' News 2019-07

      Booth, Tina (University of Alaska Southeast, 2019-07)
    • Ketchikan Cup O' News 2019-06

      Booth, Tina (University of Alaska Southeast, 2019-06)
      Meet Professor... Bill Urquhart! -- Of Note -- ASK UAS: “Celebrating Wildflowers" By Barbara Morgan -- Activities & Events -- Tech Tip of the Month: Summer Tech Tips
    • Ketchikan Cup O' News 2019-05

      Booth, Tina (University of Alaska Southeast, 2019-05)
    • Ketchikan Cup O' News 2019-04

      Booth, Tina (University of Alaska Southeast, 2019-04)
    • Ketchikan Cup O' News 2019-03

      Booth, Tina (University of Alaska Southeast, 2019-03)
    • Ketchikan Cup O' News 2019-02

      Booth, Tina (University of Alaska Southeast, 2019-02)
    • Ketchikan Cup O' News 2018-10

      Ledford, Marianne (University of Alaska Southeast, 2018-10)
    • Ketchikan Cup O' News 2018-09

      Ledford, Marianne (University of Alaska Southeast, 2018-09)
    • Chancellor's Comments 2020-05-18

      Caulfield, Richard (University of Alaska Southeast, 2020-05-18)
    • Chancellor's Comments 2020-04-27

      Caulfield, Richard (University of Alaska Southeast, 2020-04-27)
    • Chancellor's Comments 2020-03-19

      Caulfield, Richard (University of Alaska Southeast, 2020-03-19)
    • Chancellor's Comments 2020-02-27

      Caulfield, Richard (University of Alaska Southeast, 2020-02-27)
    • The life of my grandmother: Olinka Arrsamquq Michael

      Skinner, Olga J.; Hogan, Maureen; Schneider, William; Leonard, Beth (2009-11)
      "Investigations into texts on the history of Kwethluk, Alaska reveal little, with one published account describing my maternal grandmother. Fueled by my own curiosity, I interviewed four women who knew her before she passed away, to learn of her life, her influence on others, and village history. Critical theory underlies my research and is evident in the documentation of the life of a Yup'ik woman through the voices of female informants. Analysis of the interviews revealed primary process codes that include important periods of life, and roles my grandmother held became subcodes. Her roles are tied together by her desire and acts of caring for others, especially women and children. With the increasing presence of Western influence in a Yup'ik village, several of her roles also establish her as a cultural broker. Life history research, through interviews and supporting historical documents and texts, generated a picture of life in Kwethluk in the 1900s"--Leaf iii
    • Introductory Diversity Audits

      Cox, David B. II (2021-03)
      Results from some initial diversity audits at the Egan Library, following a professional development course on the topic. Suggestions for developing and conducting your own diversity audit, which is an activity which can be entirely done from home!
    • Behavioral observations and stable isotopes reveal high individual variation and little seasonal variation in sea otter diets in Southeast Alaska

      LaRoche, Nicole; King, Sydney L.; Rogers, Matthew C.; Eckert, Ginny L.; Pearson, Heidi C. (Marine Ecology Progress Series, 2021-10-28)
      Two complementary approaches were used to assess year-round variation in the diet of sea otters Enhydra lutris around Prince of Wales Island (POW) in southern Southeast Alaska, a region characterized by mixed-bottom habitat. We observed sea otters foraging to determine diet composition during the spring and summer. Then, we obtained sea otter vibrissae, which record temporal foraging patterns as they grow, from subsistence hunters to identify year-round changes in sea otter diets via stable isotope analysis of carbon (δ13C) and nitrogen (δ15N). We compared the stable isotopes from sea otter vibrissae and sea otter prey items that were collected during spring, summer, and winter. Overall, year-round sea otter diet estimates from stable isotope signatures and visual observations from spring and summer were dominated by clams in terms of biomass, with butter clams Saxidomus gigantea the most common clam species seen during visual observations. Our results indicate that these sea otters, when considered together at a regional level around POW, do not exhibit shifts in the main prey source by season or location. However, sea otter diets identified by stable isotopes had a strong individual-level variation. Behavioral variation among individual sea otters may be a primary driving factor in diet composition. This study provides quantitative diet composition data for modeling predictions of invertebrate population estimates that may aid in the future management of shellfisheries and subsistence hunting and the development of co-management strategies for this protected species.