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    • 2011 Denali National Park and Preserve Visit Characteristics

      Fix, Peter; Ackerman, Andrew; Fay, Ginny (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage, 1/1/13)
    • Contribution of Land Conservation and Freshwater Resources to Residential Property Values in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough

      Armagost, Jeffrey; Berman, Matthew (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage, 2/1/13)
    • 2013 Alaska's Construction Spending Forecast

      Guettabi, Mouhcine; Goldsmith, Scott (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage, 2/1/13)
    • Estimating Visits to Denali National Park and Preserve

      Fix, Peter; Ackerman, Andrew; Fay, Ginny (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage, 1/1/13)
    • Toward Universal Broadband in Rural Alaska

      Parker, Khristy; Sharp, Suzanne; Hudson, Heather; Spiers, Kent; Wark, Kyle; Hill, Alexandra; Hanna, Virgene (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage, 11/1/12)
    • Katmai National Park and Preserve Economic Significance Analysis and Model Documentation

      Christense, Neal; Fay, Ginny (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage, 6/1/12)
    • AJiC Tableau Dashboard Style Guide

      Payne, Troy C.; Kisarauskas, Yevgenii; Slone, Avram; Gonzalez, Andrew (2020-09-02)
      This document describes the broad design and style conventions of Alaska Justice Information Center (AJiC) Tableau data dashboards. This document is meant as a style guide, and deviations from the general guidelines may be necessary for specific projects. Design goals and styles for every part of a dashboard are presented in the document.
    • Alaska State Troopers C Detachment Patrol Staffing Study Final Report and Description of Police Incidents

      Payne, Troy C.; Kisarauskas, Yevgenii (Alaska Justice Information Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, 2020-07-07)
      This report provides a workload-based staffing estimate for the Alaska State Troopers C Detachment sworn staff, including troopers and court service officers. The report begins by examining incidents serviced by C Detachment for meaningful changes over years, seasonal variation, and variation by incident type. Next, we describe challenges of creating a workload- based model for staffing C Detachment, followed by summaries of interviews with sergeants in C Detachment and a description of C Detachment’s stated goals. The model is specified next, including a post-by-post staffing recommendation for C Detachment based on the 75th percentile of the number of reports, adjusted for leave and other factors.
    • Alaska Earthquakes Poster

      Gardine, Lea; West, Michael; Grassi, Beth (2020-10)
      Alaska is one of the most seismically active places in the world. This poster connects the geographic distribution of earthquakes from the Alaska Earthquake Center catalog with the core concepts that drive Alaska seismicity. Rupture patches, how plate tectonics forms faults throughout Alaska, and how the angle of the sinking Pacific Plate affects earthquake distribution and creates volcanoes are some of the key concepts represented.
    • From Pine Ridge to Alaska Native Villages

      Berg, Paul (University of Alaska Anchorage. Bookstore, 2016-08-06)
      In his memoir, Sandra's Hands, a Reflective Journey from the Vietnam War to the Siege of Wounded Knee, Paul Berg explores his experiences in the Vietnam War and working as a teacher on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. After 1973, when tensions on the reservation exploded and culminated in the 72 day siege of the village of Wounded Knee, Paul Berg finds himself drawn into the conflict as he strives to provide quality education to his students. After this experience and given his dedication to education, he becomes a recognized national expert in cross-cultural education and establishes, with Bill Demmert and Richard Dauenhauer, the first cross-cultural education course required for teacher education in Alaska.
    • Anchorage Remembers: a Century of Stories

      Arnett, Betty; Benson, Diane; Katzke, Mary; Neher, Katy (University of Alaska Anchorage. Bookstore, 2015-08-06)
      Contributors to Anchorage Remembers, an anthology of 39 stories selected by 49 Writers, discuss the relationship amongst memoir, writing, and history. Guest speakers include Betty Arnett, Diane Benson, Mary Katzke, and Katy Neher. This event is sponsored with 49 Writers and the program is made possible by a Centennial Community Grant from the Alaska Humanities Forum, the Rasmuson Foundation, and the Anchorage Centennial Celebration.
    • Alaska Native Corporations and their Shareholders: Future Considerations

      Leggett, Aaron; Ongtooguk, Paul; Wassilie, Carl (University of Alaska Anchorage. Bookstore, 2013-08-05)
      Aaron Leggett, Paul Ongtooguk, and Carl Wassilie come together to present their views about Alaska Native Corporations and their shareholders. the heart of the discussion will focus on Alaska Natives who feel disenfranchised and cheated because they do not have a formal relationship with any Native corporation due to the time of their birth and inheritance rules.
    • Power of Words: ASD Multilingual Students Read Original Poetry and Prose

      University of Alaska Anchorage. Bookstore, 2017-08-04
      Approximately 20 multilingual Anchorage School District students, grades seven through 12, will read original poetry and prose they have written during this summer's ASD/UAA Summer Academy. The Summer Academy is a partnership between ASD's English Language Learner Program and UAA's College Preparatory and Developmental Studies Department. Through this exciting collaboration, over 200 students have spent three and a half weeks on campus. They are earning high school math and English credit from team-taught courses by ASD teachers and UAA faculty. Students are also earning UAA credit for a University Studies course.
    • Gold Nuggets: Denali Then and Now

      Lovegreen, Lynn; Lovegreen, Mark; Bale, Nancy (University of Alaska Anchorage. Bookstore, 2015-04-04)
      Lynn Lovegreen's Gold Rush series includes: Worth Her Weight in Gold (Juneau, 1886); Fool's Gold (Skagway, 1898), Quicksilver to Gold (Nome, 1900); Golden Days (Fairbanks, 1906); Gold Nuggets (Denali and Kantishna, 1916). Lynn Lovegreen was raised and lives in Anchorage, Alaska and has taught at the Anchorage School District. Mark Lovegreen, veteran tour driver in Denali National Park and Preserve, adds information on the natural history of the area. And Nancy Bale, board member of the Denali Citizens Council, provides perspective on the environmental movement of Denali Park.
    • Cuba in Poetry, History, and Images

      Ball, Rachael; Streff, Caroline (University of Alaska Anchorage. Bookstore, 2018-08-03)
      Caroline Streff and Professor Ray Ball discuss their experiences conducting archival and library research in Havana and writing historically informed poetry. Caroline Streff's poetry focuses on the complex issues related to the Revolution's redistribution of physical space. Dr. Ball's poetry concerns the ways the history of colonialism intersects with how history is told and retold on the island. Caroline Streff majored in English and International Studies at UAA. She plans to study Latin American rhetoric in graduate school. Ray Ball is Associate Professor of History at UAA. She is a published poet and author of Treating the Public: Charitable Theater and Civic Health in the Early Modern Atlantic World.
    • Proud Raven, Panting Wolf: Carving Alaska’s New Deal Totem Parks

      Moore, Emily (University of Alaska Anchorage. Bookstore, 2019-08-02)
      In Proud Raven, Panting Wolf: Carving Alaska's New Deal Totem Parks, Ketchikan-native Emily Moore examines the origins of totem parks at Saxman, Totem Bight, Wrangell and Prince of Wales Island. Built between 1938 and 1942 as part of a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) program, Alaska's totem parks arose out of a controversial set of compromises between New Deal efforts to preserve "American heritage" and Tlingit and Haida efforts to assert their own heritage and claims to the Tongass National Forest. Emily Moore is currently assistant Professor of art history at Colorado State University. Proud Raven, Panting Wolf: Carving Alaska's New Deal Totem Parks is published by University of Washington Press.
    • From Verse to Free Verse, Alaska Poetry from 1867 until 1966.

      Sexton, Tom (University of Alaska Anchorage. Bookstore, 2018-08-02)
      At this event, poet Tom Sexton presents part two of his talk on a brief history of Alaska poetry from 1867-1966. Part one was recorded on October 24, 2017 at the UAA Campus Bookstore. Poet Tom Sexton is a Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Alaska Anchorage and was Alaska's Poet Laureate from 1994 until 2000. He is the author of several collections of poetry including For the Sake of the Light and I Think Again of Those Ancient Chinese Poets, both from University of Alaska Press.
    • Mystery author Keenan Powell presents Deadly Solution, with author Stan Jones.

      Powell, Keenan; Jones, Stan (University of Alaska Anchorage. Bookstore, 2018-04-01)
      In Deadly Solution, Maeve Malloy, a public defender in Anchorage, defends an Alaska Native man accused of beating another homeless man to death. With no witnesses to the crime and a client who claims to have no knowledge of the night of the murder, the case seems stacked against her, Keenan Powell is a practicing attorney in Anchorage. She received a Bachelors of Science in Broadcast Communication Arts from San Francisco State University and a Juris doctorate from McGeorge School of Law. Joining Keenan Powell is mystery writer Stan Jones. Stan Jones is author of Tundra Kill; White Sky, Black Ice; Shaman Pass; frozen Sun; Village of the Ghost Bears.
    • Tracks and Treks Series #3 Alaskan Authors

      Matthews, Bonnye; Thornton, Stephanie; Helmer, Tiffinie (University of Alaska Anchorage. Bookstore, 2013-08-01)
      Three Alaskan authors discuss their books, works in progress, and their deep connection to Alaska. Bonnye Matthews: Ki'Tis Story 75,000 BC, Stephanie Thornton: The Secret History: A Novel of Empress Theodora and Daughter of the Gods, Tiffinie Helmer: Hooked, DreamWeaver, and Moosed Up, come together to read and discuss their books, life, and writing in Alaska.