Agroborealis, Vol. 43, No. 1 (Spring 2013)

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Show simple item record School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, University of Alaska Fairbanks 2013-05-15T17:44:44Z 2013-05-15T17:44:44Z 2013
dc.description.tableofcontents [Forest Sciences] -- Biomass and STEAM: Boreal Alaska — Learning, Adaptation, and Production is a twofold project: The research side looks at successful management for wood biomass, new species trials, and the best means of forest regeneration. The outreach component,OneTree Alaska, conducts forest training camps and citizen science and student service learning workshops, using science, technology, engineering, art, and math. / Nancy Tarnai -- [High-Latitude Agriculture] -- Pedology at the Forefront of Climate Change: Typhoons, Culture, and Engineering in Taiwan: The island nation of Taiwan is subject to increasingly severe typhoon seasons, and its highland soils are being washed away, affecting its ability to produce its own food. Cultural tensions and lack of appropriate engineering are contributing to the problems. How can UAF help? / Chien-Lu Ping -- Two Thousand Years of Peonies: Lessons for Alaska Peony Growers: The Alaska peony industry has been growing rapidly in the last decade as a direct result of SNRAS research into raising and marketing these beautiful flowers. This flourishing new industry needs information to improve peony production in the state—and China, where peonies have been grown for millenia, may provide useful insights for our emerging businesses. / Mingchu Zhang -- Livestock Systems in Alaska: New Ideas, Practices, and Possibilities: Although the state of Alaska is not widely appreciated as an agricultural state, we do have huge untapped potential to increase in-state food production and address head-on the very serious food system challenges facing all Alaskans today. / Jan Rowell, S. Craig Gerlach, and Milan Shipka -- [Natural Resources] -- Gemsbok Gazette: An Alaskan in Namibia: This country in southwest Africa has developed a very successful wildlife management program that drastically reduces poaching, increases animal populations, and generates significant income for the local people. These communal conservancies could serve as an example to Alaska. / Susan Todd -- Freshwater Social-ecological Systems and Sustainability in Alaska: A liberal arts/natural resources cross-listed course, Water in the Environment and Society, served as an experiment in the generation of knowledge with independent undergraduate research. Three student projects about freshwater systems are described here. / Cindy Fabbri -- [Events, People, & Places] -- 2012 SNRAS event roundup -- Carol Lewis retires -- [News] -- 8th Circumpolar Agricultural Conference/University of the Arctic Food Summit en_US
dc.publisher Alaska Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, University of Alaska Fairbanks en_US
dc.title Agroborealis, Vol. 43, No. 1 (Spring 2013) en_US
dc.type Journal en_US

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