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dc.contributor.advisor Bourne, Douglass KelleyRose, Caitlin Caprioli, Matthew Roosdett, Jenna Gottlob, Alecia Morgan, Aubrey Arend, Bailey Schapira, Elise Morgan, Danielle Gaskins, Ian Ariah, Jade Jackson, Clinton Davis, Ellen Wilson, Forest Klusewitz, Chelsea Moore, Drea Larsen, Danielle Reeves, Sarah Shroy, Alyxandra Cripps, John Miley, Craig Stewart, Aja Olsson, Wolfgang Q. Ward, Anastasia Joy, Xenia Romain, Patrick Hall, Emily S. Arnell, Sarah
dc.contributor.editor Oliver, Younger
dc.contributor.editor Jounson, K. Arielle
dc.contributor.editor Roosdett, Jenna
dc.contributor.editor Miley, Craig
dc.contributor.editor Moore, Drea 2015-08-04T22:51:57Z 2015-08-04T22:51:57Z 2014-05-01
dc.description.abstract “Art is the struggle to be, in a particular sort of way, virtuous.” —Iris Murdoch Indeed, when we embark on any creative adventure it is with the purpose of conveying a certain truth; an emotion, an idea that brings us together and reminds us of the innate consciousness that dwells within. Understory is emblematic of this; where individuals intent on honing their craft can join others to become a part of something greater, their work immortalized to become a time capsule. Decades from now a volume of Understory may be discovered on a dusty bookshelf in some forgotten corner and the lucky explorer who finds it shall be enlightened by pages of gold. We, as editors of Understory 2014, have worked very hard this year to put together a journal that showcases the very best of the University of Alaska Anchorage undergraduate student work. We hope you enjoy your journey through this issue as much as we have enjoyed ours. Thank you to the English and Art Departments, for the staff and faculty’s unerring support of our club; to Provost Baker, for seeing and believing in the vision of Understory; and to our club’s faculty advisor, Douglass Bourne, for his guidance and tireless assistance. Finally, thank you to the wonderful students who submit such excellent work each year. Without your passion for the arts, we would not be here. en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents Staff / Letter from the Editors / Glass Blower / Writing / Obsolete Evolution / Permafrost / Phoenix / Untitled / Ratio / Tripping / Abiogenesis / My Heart Beats for You / Meeting of the Fingerprint Lines / You Are No Stranger / Nightmare Fuel / Cane-Sugar / Gossamer Strands / Panthera Gold / Butterfly / A Mantis Too Far / Long and Winding Road / Chasing Shadows / Merisunas / Chequer Grove / Modzilla / Beans / Little Red and Mr. Wolf / In Memoriam, Joel Fletcher Armstrong / Glance / Courage / Uranium Waltz / Danger / Journey to the West / Antumbra / Roaring Like a Lion / Pre-boarding / Untitled / How Do You Say a Word / Fishing for Doom/ Contributors en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher University of Alaska Anchorage en_US
dc.title Understory 2014 en_US
dc.type Journal en_US

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