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ANLC publishes its research in story collections, dictionaries, grammars, and research papers. The center houses an archival collection of more than 10,000 items, virtually everything written in or about Alaska Native languages, including copies of most of the earliest linguistic documentation, along with significant collections about related languages outside Alaska. For more information, see

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  • Gehr, Susan; Lukaniec, Megan (2016-06)
    As more languages become dormant each year, there is a growing need to develop and disseminate research methods for working with archival documents. This workshop is aimed primarily toward beginning and intermediate ...
  • Berge, Anna; Dirks, Moses (2016-06)
    This workshop prepares the student for the 3-week practicum focusing on fieldwork on a sleeping or less accessible language using archival materials; the language we focus on (for both the workshop and practicum) is Unangam ...
  • Urua, Eno-Abasi (2016-06)
    Transcription, the written representation of spoken human language, is vital to any language documentation and revitalization project. This hands-on workshop introduces participants to a variety of different transcription ...
  • Peter, Hishinlai' (2016-06)
    Students will be able to (1) listen and participate in the discussin of an Indigenous language learner as he speaks about his experiences in learning his ancestral language from the language classroom; (2) understand the ...
  • Williams, Nicholas; Stenzel, Kristine; Fox, Barbara (2016-06)
    This course will introduce participants to some of the basic methodological and theoretical issues related to recording and analyzing everyday conversations. We will discuss specific contributions of naturalistic interactions ...
  • Gildea, Spike; Labrada, Jorge Emilio Rosés (2016-06)
    Given the widely recognized danger the world’s languages face at the present time, there has been a major expansion of language documentation and linguistic description, which requires what has been traditionally referred ...
  • Hildebrandt, Kristine (2016-06)
    Maps and atlases (collections of maps) can be an important and extremely useful part of the toolkit for examining and interpreting variation and change in language documentation and in projects aimed at maintenance, ...
  • Florey, Margaret (2016-06)
    This workshop provides a sound foundation in project planning and development. It is aimed primarily at those people who are relatively new to planning language projects. Over four sessions, participants will identify the ...
  • Udoh, Imelda; Iwoketok, Uwemedimo (2016-06)
    Orature is an amalgamation of two words: oral and literature. It depicts the creative impulse of the society it evolves from. This artistic expression includes proverbs, riddles, extemporized poems/songs, folktales, ...
  • Lee, Seunghun; Temkin Martínez, Michal (2016-06)
    Language documentation and linguistic theories mutually benefit from cooperation - data from documentation propels linguistic theories, and different theories can inform the collection of language materials. A wide array ...

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