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  • Dorr, Summer (2017-12)
    This literary analysis--of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis, Tom Gilling's The Sooterkin, and Gabriel García Márquez's "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings"-- asserts that unconditional love is not possible without a ...
  • Mericle, Megan E. (2017-05)
    This paper tracks the progress of a beginning undergraduate writer's disciplinary becoming. Much research in disciplinary identity focuses on graduate students and advanced undergraduate writers; however, sites of disciplinary ...
  • CHISUM (2017-09)
    TEST Older Theses Not Clearly Affiliated with a Current College 9/25/17
  • Astray 
    Hensell, Evangelene Kori (2017-08)
    Astray is a collection of poems which speak to the poet's experience of traveling from Alabama, her birthplace and home, to Alaska, a new home. The central interrogation of this collection lies in redefining what "home" ...
  • Hensell, Evangelene Kori (2017-08)
    Drawing examples from early poets John Milton, William Blake, and William Butler Yeats, this exploration of the abstract poetry of C. D. Wright seeks an understanding of how difficult ideas, images, and tropes allow for a ...
  • Tidwell, TiaAnna (2017-05)
    This research examines two contemporary Alaskan works of literature: Eowyn Ivey's The Snow Child and Don Rearden's The Raven's Gift. I have engaged with (post) colonial theoretical frameworks to describe the settler colonial ...
  • Strong, Whittier Nathan (2017-05)
    Twin Citizen: A Memoir is a book-length work recounting the writer's life in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area from 2004 to 2012. The primary plot motivator is the writer's inability to obtain and maintain stable ...
  • Overton, Quentin T. (2017-05)
    The poems of Investigations in the Funhouse represent a kind of movement through outrage. The poems sit at the convergence of the personal and the national interest story, at the rise of anti-intellectual fervor and ...
  • Moser, Nicklaus O. (2017-05)
    post~conscious is a collection of poems that attempts to explore the potential of what may be described as a fractal rhetoric. As anyone can know or find out, the term fractal does not only describe pretty, self-similar ...
  • Mericle, Megan E. (2017-05)
    Sparks Across the Gap is a collection of creative nonfiction essays that explores the humanity and artistry behind topics in the sciences, including black holes, microbes, and robotics. Each essay acts a bridge between the ...

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